Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration Board

Sometimes I like to make inspiration boards for projects. Nowadays it is easier to make them online. So for Christmas I think I am going to attempt to make Christmas presents this year. Yes, I am seriously talking about Christmas in August. Hopefully I will be busy this fall with some work, and will need this jump start. Plus, crafting is fun and I have a good excuse to play around with felt without my apartment having a wreath on every single wall.

So I am trying to really consider each person. Let me start off with my friend Moriah. Moriah likes red, Chinese food, Japanese culture, Hello Kitty, bows, Glee, pearls, lady bugs, strawberries, and history. Now if I tried to personalize all of that into one gift, it'd be a hot mess. Here is the inspiration board I made.


So now begins brainstorming how to make this into a project.

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